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The Incredible Balloon Machine is a quirky and fun game by Crazy Tooth Studios on our mobile casino that doesn’t use traditional reels or paylines. It requires you to inflate balloons and grab a cash prize before they burst, and with the exclusive Wincrease feature, the rewards can swell to an impressive 3,082 times your total bet.

The Incredible Balloon Machine slot also has a Pick Bonus and a Multiplier Feature, and it costs a minimum of 20p and a maximum of £40 to take each spin. Crazy Tooth Studios has designed The Incredible Balloon Machine slot game so that it seems as though you’re floating through the sky in a hot air balloon.

In the game’s basket, you’ll find a strange mechanical device that is used to inflate balloons, and the gauge in its centre is linked to the Wincrease feature which lets the prize amount increase the longer that you hold the Spin button down.

To the right of the balloon, there’s the Collect button which you must tap before the balloon bursts.

Wild Symbol

There is no wild symbol in The Incredible Balloon Machine slot.

Scatter Symbol

The Incredible Balloon Machine slot does not come with a scatter symbol.

Bonus Feature

The Incredible Balloon Machine slot game keeps you guessing from the moment that you start to play it as you’ll soon find out.

As The Incredible Balloon Machine slot has no reels, the Spin button works in a different way to what you’d expect. Tap your mobile device to hold the Spin button down, and the balloon machine comes to life. A new balloon starts to inflate and as you continue to hold the Spin button, the Wincrease feature kicks in and increases the amount of the prize that can be won from 5% to 7,303% extra.

At the same time that the Wincrease feature starts increasing the prize value, the needle on the gauge beneath the balloon starts moving from the red section through to the yellow section followed by the green section.

What you need to do is stop holding down the Spin button and tap the Collect button before the balloon randomly bursts. There’s no rule as to how long you should wait as the game randomly determines the outcome of each spin. But, if the balloon bursts, you don’t get a prize.

The Pick Bonus is another exciting feature of The Incredible Balloon Machine slot, and it’s triggered when a black or gold balloon appears on the screen. Four coloured balloons are placed in front of you, and you must tap them one-by-one to reveal a cash prize, a x2 multiplier, or the “Collect” symbol. There’s another type of symbol which is “Advance”, and it takes you to a new bonus screen with a refreshed selection of balloons to pick.

If a cash amount appears on the balloon that you’re currently inflating, the Multiplier Feature is awarded. The game randomly chooses a multiplier of between x2 and x10 and applies it to your win if you manage to collect it before the balloon bursts.

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